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2002-2003 - Ms. Smith was commissioned by the MARY LOU WILLIAMS FOUNDATION to edit incomplete works of MARY LOU WILLIAMS. These pieces where performed at NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY winter - 2003.

In 1996 Ms. Smith was commissioned by the COOPER-HEWIT MUSEUM - Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Design. The title of the commission was "Native To Native - An African American/Native American Perspective on Music." Ms. Smith incorporated her personal cultural background to create a new music form combining a jazz quartet with four Traditional Native American musicians. Seven compositions were premiered.

Ms. Smith received a commissioned to compose music for the LANGSTON HUGHES CULTURAL CENTER in Corona Queens, NY. This piece of music was written as a musical translation of the Langston Hughes noted poem - I DREAM A WORLD.

In 1991 the BOSTON MUSEUM OF SCIENCE commissioned Ms. Smith to compose a series of compositions to accompany a docu-drama that was entitled "Black Achievers in Science." Six compositions were composed. Two of these compositions premiered on Cecilia first C. D. titled - The TAKEOFF.

For the CAMBRIDGE CHILDREN'S PERFORMANCE ARTS PROJECT Ms. Smith composed four compositions arranged for Vibraphone and Piano. The pieces were to accompany a series of Improvisational Children's Theater pieces titled WINTER JOURNEYS. All of the music was composed around the theme of winter.


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